I Laboratori Fantastici

I Laboratori Fantastici – Kids Lab

Stories That Shouldn’t Be Told – The Fantastic Workshops – are a story factory for children and adults who haven’t quite grown up, a kind of game to stimulate original thought and the Imagination, with particular focus on publishing and design. The workshops promote the school of linguistic nonsense and the art of mixed media with the aim of writing and illustrating a story: uniting words, images, drawings to transform a sheet of paper into an open space for experimentation (with moments of collective and individual comparison), where different elements can be mixed together to say something (or nothing).

Come and join the fun … because (let’s remind ourselves) we are all sane/insane carriers of Fantastic Stories!

Clients/collaborator: Teatro Grande di Brescia / Uovo kids / Mart Rovereto / Triennale / Scuola germanica / Hangar Bicocca / Librerie